About ATU

The Amalgamated Transit Union – the largest labor union representing transit and allied workers in the U.S. and Canada – fights for the interests of its hard-working members and promotes mass transit.

History of
Amalgamated Transit Union

The ATU is the largest labour union representing transit and allied workers in North America.

Founded in 1892 with the certification of streetcar workers in the USA, The Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employees of America’s first office was located in Detroit, Michigan. Throughout the years the Amalgamated Association grew throughout the USA and Canada. In 1964 the name was changed to the Amalgamated Transit Union.

Today, the ATU represents over 200,000 members with 240 locals in 9 provinces and 46 states.

In 1982, the ATU Canadian Council was created. The Council represented the interests of employees of various Canadian transit systems including municipal, provincial, and private employers.

In 2015 the Canadian Council became ATU Canada, and for the first time, represented all Canadian ATU locals.

ATU Canada’s mandate includes political advocacy, strategic planning, coalition building, and organizing unrepresented workers throughout Canada.